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About HR&S Claims Administration

Our Class Action Litigation Department has served as a claims administrator in over 500 matters, handling anti-trust cases since 1960 and securities class actions since 1974. Engagements have ranged in size from processing several hundred proof of claim forms to more than 4,000,000, with mailings to more than 10,000,000 potential class members. Our extensive experience as a claims administrator, along with our training as certified public accountants, enables us to create a specifically tailored claim review program ensuring that every member of the staff working on the engagement understands all of their individual responsibilities.

Our objectives include:
  • Using procedures that are current standards in the industry
  • Building checks and balances into our procedures
  • Partnering with vendors who have previous class action experience
  • Working with class counsel and the courts to devise effective administration plans
  • Assuring that the process is cost effective

Our commitment to maintaining quality personnel extends throughout the entire department, from partners to staff. The full staff and the partners dedicated to this department have long-term, in-depth experience in the class action administration field.

With a full time staff of trained professionals, we are able to respond to all inquiries and process thousands of proof of claim forms on a daily basis. Using our website, we respond via e-mail to all questions concerning a notice, claim form or settlement. We also provide telephone response to all potential claimants, using toll-free telephone numbers.

We have state-of-the-art computer equipment in place and employ full time programmers who have developed software used exclusively for the administration of class action. Our software is modified to meet the specific requirements of each matter. Strict security procedures are enforced to protect the integrity of the data and ensure that proprietary information is accessible only to those with proper security clearance. All computer servers in use are completely backed up daily and back-up tapes are stored off-site to ensure that no data will be lost.

To ease the filing of long, complicated claim forms, we use computer diskettes, the Internet and other electronic data formats. This provides the claimant with instructions and the format to file a completed form, eliminating excessive correspondence, reducing deficiencies on the claim and thereby reducing administration time and cost.

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