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  1. Abrasive Grain Antitrust
  2. Adams Golf, Inc. Securities
  3. Aerosonic Securities
  4. Allion Healthcare, Inc.
  5. American Business Financial Services, Inc. Noteholders Litigation
  6. American Medical Security, Inc.
  7. Amtrak Litigation
  8. Apollo Group, Inc. Securities
  9. Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Securities
  10. AMF Bowling Securities
  11. ANDRX Corp. Securities
  12. A.T. Cross Securities
  13. Baker v. Family Credit Counseling Corp. Litigation
  14. Bally Total Fitness Securities Litigation
  15. Bank of America
  16. Bellifemine v. sanofi-aventis Discrimination
  17. Boston Chicken, Inc. Securities
  18. Bridgestone Securities
  19. Brown v. Kinross Gold U.S.A., Inc.
  20. Bulk [Extruded] Graphite Products Antitrust
  21. Carbon Fiber Antitrust
  22. Carreker Corp. Securities
  23. CEC Class Action Settlement
  24. Cendant
  25. Chocolate Confectionary Antitrust
  26. CIGNA Corporation Securities
  27. Clarus Corp. Securities
  28. Clemens Market Litigation
  29. Cheeseman v. Berkheimer
  30. Cotton Yarn Antitrust
  31. Creditrust Corp. Securities
  32. CryoLife, Inc. Securities
  33. Diet Drugs (Phen-Fen) Products Liability
  34. Eldridge et al vs. Provident Companies, Inc. et al
  35. Electrical Carbon Products Antitrust
  36. Envoy Corp. Securities
  37. Evergreen Ultra Short Opportunities Fund Securities
  38. FAO, Inc. Securities
  39. Farmer's Pride Wage & Hour Litigation
  40. Fleming Companies, Inc. Securities
  41. Foodarama Shareholder Litigation
  42. Fore Systems Securities
  43. Foundry Resins Antitrust
  44. Frascella Enterprises, Inc. Securities
  45. Freedom Life Insurance Company of America
  46. General Chemical Corp.
  47. Green Tree Financial Corporation Stock and Options
  48. Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.
  49. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  50. Hubley, et al. v. Dell Inc.
  51. Hydrogen Peroxide Antitrust
  52. InKine Pharmaceutical Securities
  53. Interstate National Dealer Services Litigation
  54. Isuzu Motors Inc. Litigation
  55. K-Dur Antitrust Litigation
  56. KLA-Tencor Corporation Securities
  57. Koss Corporation Securities
  1. Larusso v. Nationwide Litigation
  2. Linerboard Antitrust
  3. LNR Property Shareholders Litigation
  4. The Loewen Group, Inc. Securities
  5. Lucent Retiree Medical Settlement
  6. Magnetic Audio Tape Antitrust
  7. Marconi PLC Securities
  8. Mario T. Kerr v. American Independent Insurance Company
  9. McCullom Lake Village (Gates v. Rohm and Haas, et al.)
  10. Merix Corp. Securities
  11. Methyl Methacrylate Antitrust Litigation
  12. Michael Baker Corp. Securities
  13. Microcrystalline Cellulose Antitrust
  14. Medi-Hut Co. Inc. Securities
  15. Medi-Hut Co. Inc. 2 (Smith v. Rosenberg) Securities
  16. Merrill Lynch Shareholders Securities
  17. Metal Building Insulation Antitrust
  18. MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co.
  19. MiraLax Litigation
  20. Models Antitrust
  21. Models Litigation (State Case)
  22. Nesco Inc. Securities
  23. NetBank, Inc. Securities
  24. Nortel Networks Corp. "ERISA"
  25. Nuvelo, Inc. Securities
  26. Packaged Ice Antitrust
  27. PainCare Holdings, Inc. Securities Litigation
  28. Paradyne Networks, Inc. Securities
  29. Pixelon Inc. Securities
  30. Pre-Paid Securities, Inc.
  31. PSINET Inc. Securities
  32. R&G; Financial Corporation Securities
  33. R&G; Financial Derivative Securities
  34. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc., Litigation
  35. Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E;) Settlement
  36. Royal Window Coverings (USA), L.P. Litigation
  37. Ryan, et al. v. Hidden Lake Academy, Inc., et al.
  38. Safety-Kleen Corp. Stockholders
  39. Seaview Inc. Securities
  40. Schering-Plough Corporation Securities
  41. SEC v. First Jersey Securities, Inc., et al.
  42. SEC v. Knight Securities, L.P.
  43. SEC v. Specialist Firms
  44. ShopKo Stores, Inc. Securities
  45. SPX Corporation Erisa Litigation
  46. Sulfuric Acid Antitrust Litigation
  47. Suzuki Motor Corporation
  48. Terazosine Hydrochloride (Hytrin Antitrust)
  49. Theragenics Corp. Securities
  50. Tomeldon Company, Inc. et al. v Medco Health Solutions, Inc.
  51. Toprol Antitrust
  52. UICI Inc. Securities
  53. US Interactive Inc. Securities
  54. ValueClick, Inc. Securities
  55. Viacom Inc. Securities
  56. Veeco Instruments Inc. Securities
  57. ViroPharma Inc. Securities
  58. Vitamins Antitrust
  59. Wells Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. Securities
  60. Winstar Communications, Inc. Securities
  61. World Health Alternatives, Inc. Securities

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