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How long has the firm been in existence?

  • The late Jacob Heffler founded our firm in 1942.

How can I contact you?

What is a class-action?

  • A class action is a lawsuit brought by one person or entity on behalf of a large group of people who have the same type of claim. The group, or class, shares common important facts. Claims are typically pursued as a class action when it is not practical or feasible to file many relatively small individual lawsuits. An individual, corporation, or government agency can initiate a class action.

What does it cost me to join a class action lawsuit?

  • Typically there are no costs associated with joining a class action lawsuit. With most class actions, the attorneys primarily work on a contingent fee basis, where the firm pays all costs and expenses. If the firm is successful in obtaining a recovery on behalf of class members, the firm will ask the court to award attorney fees and costs incurred in the litigation from the recovery. The amount of the fee award will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the recovery and the duration and complexity of the litigation.

How long will the lawsuit take before it is resolved?

  • Every lawsuit is different, therefore, there is no way of knowing exactly when each will be resolved.

What is a settlement notice?

  • A notice which describes the terms of the settlement and outlines the rights of the class members under that settlement.

How much money will I receive?

  • Every case is different. The damages paid to class members depends greatly on the injury incurred, the related financial loss, the difficulty establishing the Defendants' liability, the volume or claims filed and approved, and the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

Can I sell my stock and still be a part of the lawsuit?

  • Yes. It is not necessary for you to retain ownership of the stock after the class period has expired to participate in the lawsuit.

What is a class period?

  • A class period is a specific time frame during which a company is alleged to have acted improperly in the conduct of its business. The class period is specified in both the complaint and notice. It is always possible that a class period may be extended or shortened.

If I made money on the stock, can I still participate?

  • That depends on the Plan of Allocation in the case. Sometimes transactions with gains have a zero recognized claim. In some actions, if your overall investment in ABC stock during the class period resulted in a loss (realized or not), you may participate in the lawsuit.

I live outside the United States. Can I still participate?

  • Yes, as long as you purchased stock during the class period.

Can I participate in more than one class action at a time?

  • Yes, even with separate class actions against the same company.

I own ABC stock; am I part of the securities class action lawsuit?

  • If you purchased shares of the company's stock during the class period, you are already a class member.

Can I participate in the securities lawsuit if I purchased additional shares before or after the class period?

  • Yes. Normally, only those shares purchased during the class period will be the subject of this litigation. However, shares you held prior to the class period may be used in matching sales during the class period in a first-in, first-out basis.

I acquired my shares in my 401(k), IRA Account, or other Pension Plan. Can I still participate?

  • In many instances, as long as the shares were purchased during the class period. However, you should make sure the Plan is not filing a claim on behalf of all class purchases. If you are no longer in a Plan, ask the Plan Administrator whether you should file on your own behalf.

I made money on some purchases during the class period, and lost money on others. Can I still participate in the lawsuit?

  • That depends on the Plan of Allocation in the case. Sometimes transactions with gains have a zero recognized claim.

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